How can we give away free Managed File Transfer software?

Thousands of companies use our free managed file transfer software, and they are happy to invest their staff time and energy into learning, configuring and supporting their solution. These companies don’t incur any extra time or cost on our business, and in fact enhance our business by ensuring that SoftwareBob is robust and reliable across a wide range of computer environments and use cases.

Our “free” customers are important contributors to our community forums, and help ensure SoftwareBob is robust and reliable. That’s why they are important to us.Cameron Hart, CEO SoftwareBob Limited

Other companies want the security of a support plan, or to run the software in the background on a server computer, knowing that an expert is always available to assist them when needed. This is particularly important for those companies that operate SoftwareBob in mission critical areas of their business and need security from business interruption. These companies still use the same free file transfer software (but with Windows Service capabilities) backed up with expert support and advice.

These companies using our premium business editions fund the development of the latest and greatest SoftwareBob versions.

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